Steve Clarke


Steve Clarke is a British environmentalist with multi-disciplinary experience in environment, geography, biology and chemistry.  He has worked for governments, leading consultancies, international agencies and the University of Cambridge.


Steve has held senior environmental positions in major consulting organisations in UK, Europe and USA, and was previously an environmental analyst in the waste management industry. He was Environmental Impact Adviser to the UK Office of the Nuclear Regulator for ten years. 


Unique combination of real-world experience in practical science, public health issues, regulatory affairs and impact assessment.  Steve has worked in the UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Spain, Norway, Finland, USA and UAE.

Sustainability & Waste

Former analytical & environmental chemist in waste industry, extensive experience of waste treatment and resource cycling.  Dealt with issues relating to controversial waste treatment facilities and their locations.

Technology Partners

Experience in assisting companies and investors to identify real-world opportunities for new recycling, treatment and other facilities. Has specialised in bringing overseas expertise to UK.


Steve has degrees in Biology, and Human Geography from the Universities of London and Manchester.  He has been awarded Fellowship of the Royal Geographical Society and is a Certified Environmental Specialist in USA.

Environmental Management

Human Geography


  • Corporate Environmental Management & Sustainability
  • Post Brexit Planning
  • Multi-site & International Environmental Affairs
  • Environmental Policy and Systems
  • International & Cross-Boundary Protocols

  • Expert Witness & Peer Review of Scientific Reports
  • Forensic Environmental Investigations
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Geographical Factors in Site Selection
  • Identification of Waste & Recycling Partners